• Our Story

    Hi, I'm Maria, Rôdais founder! My skin has always been an issue. Whether acne in high school, facial eczema in college, or pesky wrinkles now that I'm in my 40s, it seems I have always battled with finding the right things to put on my face. When traditional medications and skincare didn't work for me, out of frustration I started concocting my own remedies from scratch. At the time, my sister was dying of breast cancer and was successfully using natural remedies to combat side effects from chemo, so I began studying more natural treatments and saw a drastic difference in my skin after changing my products. That led to me creating a line that boasts effective ingredients blended with sophisticated formulations that are powered by natural derivatives. I'm excited to share my passion with you, and hope that we can play a part in getting your skin exactly the way you've always dreamed of.

  • Our Values

    We love our furry friends and do not, and will never, test on animals. Neither do our manufacturers and suppliers.

    We use natural and organic ingredients that are good for you and good for your skin and home. We source from the absolute best places we can find to partner with and ensure they have ethical and sustainable practices.

    It has always been a top priority of ours to give back to our communities and the world. We donate, volunteer, and help out with numerous charitable organizations locally, nationally, and around the world; to keep up with news of our latest endeavors and giving, check out our socials and blog.

  • What does Rôdais mean?

    Pronounciation: Row-day

    Many things in my line are inspired by the incredibly rich heritage of the Acadiana areas in Louisiana, where I've spent my whole life, and the experiences that go with it--whether it be the history of healing traiteurs, seemingly never-ending sugarcane fields, luxurious nights out in New Orleans, quiet fishing in the Atchafalaya basin at sunset, or a fais do-do in a small dance hall in the middle of nowhere.

    Rôdais comes from the first or second-person singular imperfect indicative of the word rôder, which in Cajun French can mean wandering, prowling, or, most often, roaming the roads. A lot of what I create comes from places I’ve been, things I’ve read, and a “wandering” in every sense of the word whether physically or mentally, so I felt it was perfect. And by using it in this form it also makes a portmanteau of rôder and my maternal grandparents’ last name, which was Calais.