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Cendrillion: Wooden Wick + Virgin Coco Soy Candle

Cendrillion: Wooden Wick + Virgin Coco Soy Candle

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Cendrillion is inspired by the main character in the fairy tale by Charles Perrault (many know her as Cinderella) and evokes delicately dancing white campfire smoke and broken-in leather, swirled with hints of vanilla, amber, and sandalwood.

Prominent Notes: white smoke, leather, sandalwood, vanilla, oud, amber, black pepper, cardamom

  • Infused with essential oils and blends of natural isolates and phthalate-free fine fragrance oils. 
  • Crafted from virgin coconut soy wax with a clean-burning, crackling wooden wick from FSC certified mills.
  • 7.5 ounces.
  • 40-50 hour burn time.
  • Clear glass vessel with metal screw-top lid.


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